McDavitt Veterinary Clinic


We offer advanced surgical services in addition to routine procedures.  Some surgical procedures may be performed in the field, while others are performed in our state-of-the-art equine surgical suite.  Examples of surgical services we offer include: 
  • Arthroscopy                                Ceserean Section

  • Routine castration                        Transphyseal bridging and periosteal stripping

  • Cryptorchid surgery                      Upper airway surgery

  • Ovariectomy                                Perineal Laceration Repair

  • Tendon/Ligament surgery              Caslick's Surgery

  • Neurectomy                                  Umbilical Surgery

  • Hernia Repair                                Skin and bone grafts

  • Mass Removals                              Dental extractions       

  • Laceration Repair                           Laryngoplasty (Tie-Back Surgery)

  • Fracture Repair                              Sternothyrohyoideus Myectomy (Strap Surgery)

  • Foot and Limb Casting                     Staphylectomy (Soft palate resection)

  • Ophthalmic surgery                          Epiglottic Augmentation